At this point, we may as well nickname Don Lemon Troll-Tron because there’s simply no reason for some of the madness that leaves his mouth on a regular basis. The CNN journalist had the audacity to question the reasons why Richland County Deputy Officer Ben Fields tossed around a high school girl like a rag doll.

Lemon discussed the Spring Valley High incident in where Fields was filmed on video slamming a student to the ground and restraining her while on CNN show The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. While there have been several speculated reasons for the confrontation between the unnamed females student and Fields, most people with good sense have stated that the officer was clearly abusing his power. From Lemon’s perspective, however, he needed to know why a police officer essentially beat down an unarmed charm he outweighed by at least 100 pounds or more.

Lemon and former federal prosecutor and journalist Sunny Hostin squared off Monday night (Oct. 26) on CNN. Lemon stated to Hostin that he needed to “know more before passing judgement.”

That statement infuriated Hostin immediately, who kept trying to explain to the CNN host that there’s nothing else to know except that a black minor was beaten to the ground by an aggressive white cop.

Hostin should be applauded for trying to talk much-needed sense into the conversation, even though Lemon still didn’t seem entirely convinced.

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter to Don Lemon’s amazingly dense observation of the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh on the following pages.

Photo: CNN

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