Sadly, the headline you’re currently reading actually came out of the mouth of a Black sheriff who was a guest on Fox News Monday night (Oct. 26). While most sensible people are scratching their heads at the comments made by Sheriff David Clarke, his words carry a sentiment by some that negatively portrays the Black Lives Matter movement as anti-police.

Clarke, who oversees Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, aimed his explosive critique of activists protesting police brutality and related injustices. Clarke maintains that the specter of police brutality in America was ended long ago and that BLM movement are nothing more than “subhuman creeps.”

More from Raw Story:

“That’s ignorance in its purest form,” the Wisconsin sheriff opined. “They’re not protests. Those people advocate for the overthrow of our legally constituted government.”

Clarke suggested that officers should stop protecting Black Lives Matter protesters so that business owners and people in the community could “clash” with them.

“Then the police can show up and arrest these subhuman creeps for creating a disturbance,” he recommended.

Clarke continued: “There is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the ’60s. So, I don’t know where they’re coming from.”

“The president of the United States knows better, he’s playing the race game, he’s playing race politics,” he added. “He has been a nightmare and I cannot wait until January 2017 so that America’s nightmare can be over.”

Watch Raw Story’s video coverage of the Fox News story featuring Sheriff David Clarke , who clearly has to be an agent at this point, in the clip below.

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