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University of Michigan football player Jabrill Peppers is being slandered all over campus for being a “despicable piece of sh*t,” allegedly. A fellow college student put up 5,000 flyers around campus accusing Peppers of giving her chlamydia twice in one year.

She should’ve just cut her losses, but the woman wanted to educate others on the Clap. Apparently Peppers was smashing another lady on the side, and the woman found out. The flyer reads in part:

“I know that you get checked every six months. Last time you were checked and found to be infected (allegedly by that young lady in Burley from unprotected oral sex in January 2015, but after newfound information, nothing you ever said can be counted as truth) in February. I’m not a math major, but 2+ 6 = 8. You got checked in August but don’t say anything? Wow.”

It gets worse from there.

“And now after I found out that you were having relations with a Caucasian young broad while you were still having sex with me raw. Wow. You really are a despicable piece of sh*t.”

Despicable indeed, but 5,000 flyers? She could’ve knocked this out in a Facebook post.

Anyway, the woman warned Peppers to tell his new girlfriend to get to a doctor (just to be safe). She’s also moved on to another “significant other” that’s encouraging her to chill out a little bit.

Also, she hopes Peppers rots in hell. “I don’t wish too hard though because you’re sending yourself down that road all by yourself. See you in hell. Since you love to burn so much.”

Curiously, the “see you in hell” line implies that the woman sees herself burning for an eternity right along with Peppers. She ends the letter on a high note with a kind message to her former boo thang: “You should have known better than to try to f*ck. Me. Over.”

True, he should’ve known better.

Hit the flip for the full letter.

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