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Jeb Bush’s aspirations to follow in his father and big brother’s footsteps to the White House all but came to a screeching halt today (November 2) after the former Florida governor returned to the spotlight to reboot his forgotten presidential campaign.

Here’s what was supposed to happen via ABC News:

Jeb Bush launched his “Jeb Can Fix It” tour, invoking a U.S. president who he said would have faced the same challenges he faces today.

“If Lincoln were alive today, imagine the foolishness he would have to suffer. Advisers telling him to shave his beard. Cable pundits telling him to lose the top hat,” Bush told an enthusiastic crowd gathered today at the Tampa Garden Club in Florida.

He added that he has gotten advice, too: to ditch his glasses, change ties, prompting laughter and applause from the crowd.

“Some advice is more strategic. Nail that zinger. Be angrier. Hide your inner wonk. But I have learned two important things from my time serving the people of Florida: One, I can’t be someone I’m not. And, two, getting things done isn’t about yelling into a camera, or regurgitating sound bites free of substance,” he said.

The tour and the release of his e-book, “Reply All today,” are all in an effort to jumpstart a campaign that many say has been flailing, after tumbling poll numbers and a widely panned debate performance.

And this is what the Internet made happen…

Flip through the gallery for more Jeb Bush slander. This would be the time to wave the white flag.

Photo: FOX News Phoenix

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