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An Australian woman is being reprimanded in court after a judge told her she could no longer breast-feed her 6-year-old son.

In a custody battle the boy complained to the court that his mother asked him to suckle her breasts last year during a visit.

The mother vehemently denied those claims however and according to court documents said that the boy, then 5, was “lying down” with her and wanted to touch them.

The court rejected her explanation and restrained the mother from “exposing her breasts to the child, requiring him to suckle or permitting him to touch her breasts.”

Custody of the child was given to a care-taker and the boy will be allowed to visit his parents during the holidays.

The child has reportedly lived with the care-taker since 2004 until his mother told the care-taker she wanted him back and filed applied for sole custody.

A federal magistrate says the care-taker and the boy’s parents came to an agreement in the past, giving full responsibility to the unidentified woman but allowing the boy to contact with his parents.

The boy stayed with his biological parents for six weeks until he complained of his mother hitting him with a belt and asking him to suckle her breasts.