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Rich Homie Quan must be a big fan of Pablo Escobar, and random tattoos. The rapper got a portrait of Escoabar’s face inked on his forearm Tuesday (Nov. 4) to prove just how much he looks up him.

The notorious Columbian drug kingpin was a revered (and reviled) as one of the richest criminals in history. Escobar studied political science at the University of Antioquia and went on to run the Medellin cartel, a multi-billion dollar empire that at one point supplied almost all of the cocaine smuggled into the U.S.

Escobar was rumored to have politicians and authorities on his payroll, but he also gained a persona as a Robin Hood type, donating money to the less fortunate, building hospitals, churches and schools.

Despite being a major player in the drug game, and an alleged involvement in thousands of murders, Escobar had a tender little heart when it came to helping others and taking care of his family. At age 27, he married then 15-year-old Mariah Victoria, with whom he had two children. He died in a 1993 shootout, one day after is birthday.

Escobar’s story has been brought back to life in the captivating and controversial Netlfix series, Narcos.

Hit the flip to see Quan’s finished tattoo.

Photo: Instagram

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