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Plies and Kirk Franklin have long been meme bosom buddies before social media ruled the earth and the foul-mouthed Florida rapper finally decided it was time for them to hang out. On his own turf, that is.

“Y’all tell Kirk Franklin I say, ‘I wanna take him to King Of Diamonds,” Plies said on his favorite car seat Instagram platform, bigging up the nationally known Miami strip club. “He can go in that motherf**ker; he ain’t gotta get no dance or nothing. He can go in there and turn right around and go home and take him a little holy bath and he gonna be back holy. Kirk, listen: ‘You go to King of Diamonds with me and I’ll go to church with you. An even swap!'”

Apparently, Plies’ supreme secular trolling worked because he got an instant response from the Grammy Award-winning gospel singer, who countered his wager by switching things around a bit.

“Next time I’m in Miami, you gotta come to a Baptist church with me and sit through a three-hour church service…with tambourine and church cookout,” Franklin excitedely responded via his own Instagram video. “And then…I may walk by the club. I may walk on the parking lot of the uh…club.”

Despite the bold response, the irony here is Franklin professed his lasting addiction with pornography several years ago and Plies may just be trying to tempt him back down a road he doesn’t need to go.

Regardless, this entire encounter is hilarious. This is also the part where we tell you Plies is kicking off Plies Weekend 2015 during the week of Thanksgiving, so his trolling doubled in his favor this time around. Additonally, Franklin has a new album in stores titled Losing My Religion. (Naturally, he had to get something out of his response too.)

Watch the Plies and Kirk Franklin encounter down below.

Photos: Instagram

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