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Dade City police have arrested a 14-year-old boy for allegedly murdering a man for $4.00.

Police state that 14-year-old Harlamey Larry approached the 31-year-old victim to rob him and after taking the victim’s wallet, Larry shot the man and killed him.

Although the crime is shocking, police are more shocked at the fact the teen confessed to killing the man and only gaining $4.00 for the hit.

According to published reports, police claim that Larry was armed with a .45 pistol waiting for potential victims, when he spotted the man and a group of friends. It is reported that Larry then approached the group to rob them at gun point and ended up shooting the unidentified victim.

In an interview with Dade Cty Fox News Affiliate FOX13, a local resident reacted to the crime stating:

“I thought that the guy that did it was at least 21, but to find out he was only 14 is crazy.”

Larry, who has a prior arrest record, faces murder and robbery charges.

Due to the severity of the crime police state that he may be tried as an adult.

SMH over $4.00, you could have sold aluminum cans and got that.

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