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Drake is known to show special appreciation to fans who impress him with artwork and costumes and such was the case when the star rapper posted Dave Valeza’s illustration of Drizzy and Adele in their respective “Hotline Bling” and “Hello” habitats.

However, Drake made the classic mistake of cropping Valeza’s watermark out of the pic and ignoring to give him a shout out to his 16.1 million followers.

“I feel incredibly sad but I refuse to feel defeated,” the artist tweeted after seeing his work had gotten all the glory without proper credit.

While speaking to MTV, Valeza explained the idea for the original piece, which was miraculously created before Adele publicly expressed her intention to remix “Hotline Bling” in her own signature octaves.

“When both songs came out I thought, ’What if Drake and Adele are playing a long game of phone tag, and it’s only exacerbating their assumptions of one another?,’” he said. “I worked all day Sunday, so I only got to see quick blips of others’ reactions online,” Valeza said. “I was unable to fully react or respond myself, beyond making a few tweets on my break. So when I was finally off work at about 10 p.m., it all hit me. A tag or @ mention directing to my Instagram account would’ve been fine,” he said. “Artists depend on visibility. Artwork posted without credit hurts that. Post credit, link your sources. Just credit. There’s no hard feelings, I just want credit.”

Valeza’s other pieces can be found here and here. The now infamous Drake/Adele drawing can be seen below.

Photo: WENN