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Malcolm X stands as one of the most celebrated civil rights leaders of his time, and his legacy remains strongly intact as ever. A new online venture featuring merchandise related to the late NOI leader and humanitarian was launched recently by his family.

The Source shared details of the new enterprise, which was formed by the X Legacy LLC group in collaboration with Northstar Group and Cap That. The collection of clothing features t-shirts, hoodies, outwear and headwear personally handpicked by Malcolm X’s family.

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“For over half a century, we have been moved by the many at home and global citizens whom have been inspired by our Father’s steadfast devotion, intellect, principles and his commitment to assure a shared equity of human rights as a balanced asset for all people,” says eldest daughter, Ambassador Attallah Shabazz. “My family and I look forward to sharing Malcolm as Malcolm via select products—and invite you to be a part of our extended family as well.”

Those in search of an authentic connection to Malcolm X will especially be enamored by the personal touch of the available items, in addition to contributing to the business owned directly by his family. Malcolm’s exclusive literary platform will also be available for purchase soon, comprised of his famous literature, speeches, memoirs and works.

To view select pieces from the ShopMalcolm X collection, view the following pages.


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