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Azealia Banks has new music out but she still is going the extra mile to be considered controversial.

The unapologetic Harlem rapper was recently seen rattling off some of her favorite musical heroines and had she had affinity for their skin bleaching techniques.

“I’ve recently been obsessed with Diana Ross and her career,” Banks tweeted before adding that the legendary soul singer was “the bleach queen.”

She then moved on to a couple of notable rap legend and a R&B star who she is rather acquainted with.

“Lil Kim’s bleach is off the chain right now. All her knuckles, knees and elbows are looking tight as fuck… K. Michelle’s bleaching looks good as well. That kojic acid gives you a nice yellowish/orange tint.”

After social media users and various outlets began to pick up the tweets, Banks deleted them and expressed her disappointment with the media for taking her thoughts out of context.

“Gotta stop using the words ‘accuse’ and ‘rant’ when referring to the things I say. They usually aren’t accusations. Just clean observation,” she wrote. “I can’t wait for the media to become obsolete. They do so much to trivialize things.”

Earlier this year, Banks and K. Michelle had an an all-out Twitter spat after the R&B star abruptly cancelled their joint tour, leaving Banks to sit at home with not much to do. So the people really aren’t buying into any harmlessness regarding her tweets. Ditto for the other two musicians.

Check out Ms. Banks’ explanation on the pages below. She also admitted to being down with the bleach game.

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