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Atheists at the annual American atheists convention are making headlines after they underwent a “de-baptism”, and had the “offending waters” that were sprinkled on their foreheads as children dried up with blow dryers.

The convention was led by Edwin Kagin, an atheist advocate who performed the de-baptisms with a blow dryer labeled “Truth” and “Reason.”

The man who also serves as American Atheists’ national legal director, believes that everyone has the right to say or do what she wants, as long as it does not break the law.

Kagin has also been known to raise eyebrows over his views on imposing religious beliefs on children and calls it child abuse. According to the avid atheist, religion has been holding the country back in more ways than one.

“They are practicing child abuse in teaching that the world operates in ways other than it does,” he told the convention crowd. And in my opinion, they are engaged in terrorism by weakening our nation and our understanding of science and things with which we can defend ourselves and progress. If it had not been for these fools we could have been at the stars 2,000 years ago.”

He also addresses his critics stating,

“If someone is so secure in their faith, why are they the least bit concerned about some little atheist mocking them? I think the reason they are worried and concerned is the very deep fear that if everyone doesn’t believe it, maybe it isn’t so.”

Check out the de-baptisms on ABC below.