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It’s hard to feel sorry for Meek Mill.

The Philly rapper has had one of the more drastic roller coaster years for a rapper in recent memory. He dropped a well-received album and got to call Nicki Minaj wifey. However, he ended up also being publicly ridiculed as Drake’s punching bag and muse that helps Canada’s finest deliver a Grammy nominated single (does Meek also get a Grammy if Drake wins?).

And now he might be going right back to jail for violating his probation.

When you watch this sort of thing transpire you kind of have to sit back and soak it all in. Could the law be targeting Meek Mill because he’s a successful Black man in America? Maybe. But, honestly, all Meek had to do is keep his nose clean by not providing cold water instead of urine for a drug test and keeping the court aware of his travels. Oh yeah, dissing the case prosecutor in a rap song probably wasn’t a good idea either.

Why he decided to violate his probation is just another exercise in ‘When keeping it real goes wrong.’”

No, this is not deserving of a “Free Meek Mill” t-shirt. That’s insulting to all of the people who have been incarcerated for less. The problem with Meek Mill is Meek Mill. A kid from the hood who has turned his life into a pot of gold has to learn his lesson sooner or later. He’s already spent some time in jail for screwing up. You know, illegal firearms, assaulting the police, drug dealing and the like. But that’s a symptom of poverty and when you’re young and naïve to how the justice system works, you get a chance to clean your act up.

But Meek Mill found success when he joined MMG and still chose to violate his probation, which found him in jail from July 11, 2014 to December 2, 2014. When he got out, you would think he’d know better, right?


Despite his turbulence with Drake, Meek Mill has had a great 2015. Why he decided to violate his probation is just another exercise in “When keeping it real goes wrong.”

He pled his case to the judge and talked about his girl, having mentors and basically being a changed man. But it’s too late. He made a mistake and didn’t acquire the proper travel vouchers required to leave Philly and is now about to likely serve another jail term when he appears at his February 5 sentencing.

And, thanks but no thanks, Chris Brown. The last thing we need for you to do is try to draw a parallel between Meek Mill and the late Freddie Gray. Gray was killed in police custody, Meek Mill kinda f*cked his own situation up. He’s not going to die and he isn’t poor. Regardless of how unbalanced the scales of justice are, this isn’t necessarily the time for you to chime in when your buddy takes the fall for something he did.

Although it makes sense that the probability of Meek Mill being incarcerated again is needling you, your voice would be better suited if you used it for all social injustice. Not just the ones against your friends who do dumb things. But let’s digress, shall we?

Well, not really because some of the things we choose to focus on keep our vision blurred when the real situations take place. Meek Mill made it out of the hood and has consistently taken the situation for granted. Obviously, it’s going to take a lot of work to completely clean up his act but there comes a point and time when you have to be accountable for your actions. That time is now. At the age of 28, Meek Mill has to know that he’s no longer one of them. He isn’t Freddie Gray, Mike Brown or Trayvon Martin. He doesn’t live (at this moment) near anything resembling the same corners that Eric Garner found himself being choked out by police. He has opportunity and can be a source of inspiration for young men and women everywhere. All he has to do is lead by example.

Crying about how the system has done you wrong and getting upset with the judge is petty. He’s responsible for his own actions and it’s not his first time finding himself in hot water. Actually, the way America is today, he should find himself fortunate that he’ll leave jail with a hefty bank account and notoriety. Nicki will miss him, the label won’t be able to make money off of him and his closest friends will have to see him back behind bars again. But he has to find a bit of solace in knowing that he’s going back to jail for something he did and isn’t being gunned down by police for being nothing more than an unarmed Black man.

There’s always a silver lining and Meek needs to find his so he won’t be in this position again.

Until then, there’s no reason to feel sorry for him.

We’ve got to free Mumia before we free Meek Mill.