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A group of armed militia men associated with controversial Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has occupied a building that sits on an Oregon wildlife refuge, which is owned by the federal government. The lack of a response by government officials has sparked the “#OregonUnderAttack” hashtag, with several notable figures across Twitter speaking out.

The takeover of the building took place over the weekend starting as a rally to support a pair of ranchers who are going to jail on Monday for arson charges as reported by ABC News. After the rally concluded, the militia, alongside sons of Cliven Bundy, occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Bundy’s son  Ammon, whose father was involved in a standoff regarding grazing rights in 2014, said that the occupation is a response to government overreach.

Images of the armed militia have exploded across Twitter, with little in the way of intervention by government. Unlike peaceful protests in Ferguson, Mo. and across the nation that prompted a paramilitary response from police, the relative quiet of what’s happening in the town of Princeton, Ore. is a bit unnerving to some.

“Did I miss the call for the national guard in Oregon? I recall them in Ferguson and Baltimore. #OregonUnderAttack,” tweeted journalist Roland Martin late Saturday (Jan. 2) evening. Martin wasn’t alone in his disdain of the media coverage regarding the Oregon takeover.

View the following pages to see some of the responses to the Bundy-related government takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Princeton, Ore under the #OregonUnderAttack hashtag.

The responses over ABC News’ potentially misleading headline and the lack of cable news coverage are especially telling. ABC did change its headline over time, in all fairness.


Photo: Screen Cap/Daily Mail

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