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Hillary Clinton showed and proved that she will do whatever it takes to win over the affection of Generations Y & Z when she dabbed on national TV during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

With Killer Mike Playing Dr. Dre to Bernie Sander’s Eminem on his political campaign trail, Hilary seems to have finally begun to feel the heat from the Bern slowly creeping up on her Presidential aspirations. Knowing she had to do something to become more appealing and endearing to a social group whose frustration with an unbalanced justice system and economic disparities are reaching fever pitches, the 68-year-old grandmother decided to partake in Hip-Hop’s latest dance craze, Dabbin.

Popularize by ATL artists such as Migos and Rich The Kid, and made a national sensation by NFL quarterback, Cam Newton, dabbin seems to be Hillary’s latest desperate attempt to come off as cool rather than cold.

Whether or not this move will sway voters to help the former Secretary of State score a Presidential bid remains to be seen (it won’t), but on the other hand I’m absolutely positive Ellen won’t be getting any angry letters from mothers in Nashville complaining about Clinton’s “arrogant struts.”

Did Clinton just kill dabbin’, though? Let us know what you think in the comments.