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Social media is good for dragging the dregs of society out into the light. Case in point, an Ohio cop, Lee Cyr, has been suspended for a comment attributed to him that essentially celebrates the suicide of a Black Lives Matter activist. 

MarShawn McCarrel, 23, took his own life on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse on Monday (Feb. 8). Cyr couldn’t resist the urge to share his sick opinions about the man’s death on Facebook.

Reports the Dayton Daily News:

Fairborn police officer Lee Cyr will be placed on paid administrative leave for a Facebook comment he allegedly posted on a story about a Black Lives Matter activist who committed suicide, according the police chief.

The comment, “Love a happy ending,” was posted on the Ohio Politics Facebook page two days after MarShawn McCarrel killed himself on the front steps of the Ohio Statehouse on Monday.

Cyr, who also served as a West Carrollton Schools Board of Education member for about four years before moving out of the district in 2013, was off duty when the comment was posted, according to police. However, if the investigation determines Cyr is responsible for the post, he will have violated the police department’s social media policy.

So we’re clear, Cyr is still collecting a check while his bosses determine if he broke the rules. And here’s another fascinating fact—according to the DDN, the Fairborn Police Department has 43 police officers, including Cyr, and not a single one is Black. There was a Black police officer in the department last year, but he transferred out.

Cyr attitude is clearly not appropriate for someone who has taken an oath to serve and protect.

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