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Vince Staples and his rise to notoriety is still underway as he remains one of the exciting young Hip-Hop prospects to emerge in some time. Sitting down with Tyler, The Creator, one of the veteran voices of the genre’s youth movement, Staples shares his views on how people from his part of the world discover art and culture.

Staples opens up the chat speaking about ancient societies, explaining his theory on how “art drives culture forward” in his typically colorful fashion. Despite Staples’ usual antics on social media, he displayed loads of awareness about the expectations of fame and what artists present to the world.

“Go back to the beginning of f*ckin’ time, think about Greece or ancient Egypt and all these things, art drives culture forward,” said Staples. “And for the most part, people where we come from, in urban situations, not necessarily just Black, but just urban in general…if you live in a f*ckin’ cityscape, the most art you’ll see unless go the museum, and most people don’t, is music and film.”

Staples then explains that because of the influence he and Tyler wield over youth culture, many try to emulate it. Sharing that after he watched Tyler’s bizarre “YONKERS” video, Staples said that he saw several individuals dressed like the Odd Future leader.

That prompted Tyler to admit he made “YONKERS” as a joke and a jab at New York rap artists, claiming to have made the beat in just eight minutes. The rest, they say, is history.

Check out Tyler, The Creator’s Golf Media interview in the clip below.

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