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Valentine’s Day weekend was unforgettable for a 24-year-old man in Thika, Kenya who cut off his penis and slashed his wife’s breast because he thought she was cheating with his brother. Duncan Mosetti’s better half, Margaret Achieng, was fast asleep when the attack went down last Saturday (Feb. 13).

The night before, Mosetti accused 20-year-old Achieng, of stepping out with her brother-in-law. “He said he had reliable information that I was having an affair with his brother,” she said from her hospital bed. “He told me to leave him and get married to his brother since he was more financially stable, adding that he would do something that would make us all regret our lives.”

She wasn’t sure where the allegations came from, but the brother was able to step in and calm the situation — or so she thought. Achieng, awoke to a pain in her chest, and once she saw what Mosetti was trying to do, she immediately called for help. “At around 3am, I woke up after I felt a sharp pain in my chest,” she said. “On checking, I saw my husband cutting my breast using a knife. I pushed him away and screamed for help. He then threatened to kill our baby and chop off his private parts.”

Mosetti was Clearly having a mental and emotional breakdown, so Achieng went to get help from neighbors in the Kijano Village. Upon her return, she found Mosetti lying in a pool of blood. He chopped off his penis and threw it out the window. (BRUH!)

An ambulance was called by neighbors and Mosetti and Achieng were transported to a hospital. “We were shocked by the act since they have been living in peace. There has never been any sign of domestic violence since they came here early this month,” a neighbor said.

Mosetti is expected to need surgery but will recover, while is his wife is recovering and didn’t suffer life-threatening damage.

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