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The critics and press never sleep if you’re the President- even when on vacation.  President Obama was recently criticized by bloggers and right-wing radicals for visiting  Mount Desert Island Ice Cream while in Maine.

The President wasn’t criticized for his words or specific actions while at the shop, but instead because he chose to buy ice cream from a shop that allegedly held a “Black Power” symbol as its logo.

The logo, a large closed fist is reminiscent of the prominent symbol for Black Power, used in the 1960’s. Several bloggers have criticized the visit and have accused the shop of selling “Black Power” sundaes.

The woman who owns the shop also happens to be white, and represents the racial majority of Maine’s population, which happens to be 1% black.

She told the Bangor Daily News that the specific logo was used to differentiate herself from typical ice cream shops that use softer images.  On another note, the publicity is boosting sales for the parlor.  It was reported that after Obama’s visit, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream has had a strong increase in sales.