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Bob Ezrin is the latest target of Kanye West‘s infamous Twitter rants, this after the veteran music producer had some sharp words to say about the passionate Chicago superstar. In an open letter, Ezrin critiqued West and questioned his talent which prompted a heated response.

Ezrin, who has produced records for Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Phish and several other notable acts in his 40-year-plus career, wrote the letter for music analyst Bob Lefsetz’s The Lefsetz Letter newsletter. In the piece, Ezrin praised Kendrick Lamar, N.W.A. and even Macklemore, but reserved criticism of West’s output.

“Sure, he made some great music for himself and others. But in spite of what the aspirationally-cool media keeps saying about him, unlike other creators in his genre like Jay-Z, Tupac, Biggie or even M.C. Hammer for that matter, it’s unlikely that we’ll be quoting too many of Kanye’s songs 20 years from now,” Ezrin said in the letter.

He added,“He didn’t open up new avenues of public discourse like NWA, or introduce the world to a new art form like Grandmaster Flash, or even meaningfully and memorably address social issues through his music like Marshall, Macklemore and Kendrick.”

Ezrin even went on to say that West’s songwriting was “sophomoric” and that he wasn’t talented on the boards as Timbaland or Rick Rubin. Naturally, West blew up at the suggestion that he was a lesser artist than any of the aforementioned and displayed much of the bombast we’ve become accustomed to.

“Has anybody ever heard of Bob Ezrin?” tweeted West on Wednesday (Feb. 23), thus launching the series of tweets. And as seen in the tweet featured below, West took a shot at Taylor Swift as well.

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