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Well that escalated rather quickly. Karen Civil recently dropped by Tax Stone’s Tax Season podcast and revealed the reason Dipset found themselves getting evicted from the label was over a Jay-Z parking spot—but Cam’Ron disagrees, and things have gotten ugly.

Said Civil on the Tax Season podcast:

Jay-Z was pulling up in his Maybach, right? You know how Def Jam was on the side of the Universal building at the time? So Cam was in this turtle top like parked right there and he was talking to Duke, we were near the car. And then this Maybach wants to pull up and they honk. I’m like ‘Oh I think that’s Hov’ so I back up. Cam’s like ‘Chill out.’ So then the car beeps again. And Cam ain’t move. So then Jay had to get out the car and he walked over cause he wanted to see who was in the car, like who wouldn’t move out the way. So then he came over, he looked… Dipset was out of the building the next week. And so we set up shop in Juelz’s studio for a little bit. I’ll never forget this. He dapped everyone, he nodded, he made a mental note. Then they said, I think it was HR or whatever, is like, ‘Hey guys I’m gonna need you to wrap this up cause technically you guys aren’t here.’ It was such a crazy experience, but Cam is Cam, he don’t care. He’s still the same now on his Instagram. You gotta love him for who he is. He doesn’t switch up.

While this explanation doesn’t portray Cam in a negative light, it sure as hell didn’t sit too well with him as the Dipset general took to Instagram to not only dispute the account and praise Jigga’s business savvy, but to also air out Civil.

#KarenCivilsALiar I’ve haven’t went in on Karen ever and been proud of what she’s accomplished.. Even if she’s lied and stole to get there.. But u not gonna put me in ya bullshit.. Despite what people think Jay-Z and I were not enemies.. He signed off on mad projects we did.. When he didn’t have too.. And showed my crew love.. It wasn’t till I Left DefJam (not kicked out) till we fell out..and I still respect his hustle and business savvy.. And what he’s accomplished.. With that out the way.. Karen civil worked for me and never gave us a shoutout or anything.. And that’s fine.. But don’t LIE.. I never got kicked out of anywhere.. LA Reid was kind of enough to let me out the deal once he got to def jam.. Cause I had a 5 million dollar deal waiting for me at Warner bros.. And LA Reid begged me to stay..,” he continued. “But I had to grab that bag.. (Thx LA) this story Karen is telling is just another one of her lies..she stole 60k from my cousin @darealdukedagod (and we still have all the bank statements if u wanna Pursue this KAREN) and has yet to pay him back.. And it’s my money as well cause it was from my company.. I don’t want or need ya money.. But u should have payed duke back by now.. But since u wanna lie.. I pull everything out.. And put u on blast!! Stop lying and stealing..

Civil has yet to respond to Cam’ron’s post, but you can bet Killa isn’t done with the airing of grievances. Also, the Twitter peanut gallery has been sharing their opinions enough that Civil’s name started trending.

Hit the flip to see the Instagram posts that followed.

We gotta hear both sides.

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