A star rapper can’t even get into a crowed elevator without having to worry about catching a fade. A$AP Rocky found himself in this predicament in New Zealand when three dudes got curved from joining Lord Pretty Flacko and some women he was rolling with in an elevator. 

Reports TMZ:

According to sources way down under … A$AP was at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland around 3 AM local time. He has a concert there Thursday night. We’re told he was getting into an elevator with some girls, and 3 guys wanted to get in also — but A$AP told ’em there was no room left, and then it was on.

We’re told the guys jumped the rapper, punching him in the head and face … while he tried to protect the girls. 

Witnesses say the suspects knew who they were dealing with because they were yelling … “F**k A$AP!” Hotel security eventually broke it up until cops arrived and nabbed one suspect — a 35-year-old local who was booked for assault and resisting police.

We’re willing to bet that A$AP was throwing hands, too. That said, he posted a selfie to confirm he is a-okay (see on the flip).

According to the New Zealand Herald, three men were arrested.

Also, how are you 35-year-old trying to fight someone for curving you on getting into a crowded elevator? Get your life together b.

Photo: Twitter/@asvpxrocky

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