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If there were ever a jack-of-all-trades in Hip-Hop, thy name would be Flavor Flav. The rapper/hype man/actor/reality TV star has now added meteorologist to his resume, kind of.

The Public Enemy co-founder surprised viewers when he stopped by Fox 13’s Good Day Utah and presented the weather with more “you know what I’m sayin’s” than the average Salt Lake City slicker could probably handle.

But this is Flavor Flav here so who could be upset about him taking over the weather segment of the news? Their predictions are never right anyway.

And while everyone is fully aware that Flavor Flav is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t mind acting a fool here and there for the sake of entertainment, you have to wonder how his brother —whom he was visiting in Utah—felt about the artist formerly known as Fufu comically mispronouncing the county of Elko.

Check Flav’s latest antic in the clip below.


Photo: screen cap