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Over the weekend, the Internets went wild after a photo of Beyoncé flanked by her cousin, Kristin Douglas, went public. While it was a relatively tame photo of the popular singer and family members attending the funeral of Bey’s uncle, Ms. Douglas’ powerful backside inspired a boatload of thirst.

The photo was taken as the family gathered to pay their final respects to an uncle. Jay Z and Beyoncé were in attendance at the Texas homegoing for her uncle, prompting the quick shot of Douglas looking stunning in a blue dress. Because the Internets has always been deficient of chill, the comments ranged from respectful to lewd and everything in between.

We can’t front, either. Douglas, a nurse and mother of two, is drop dead gorgeous so there’s definitely a reason why the chatter has been at a high level. After we properly viewed her Instagram, it appears she knows the power she wields in her hind parts as several photos are tastefully designed to highlight the donk.

Check out a few photos of Beyoncé’s cousin, Kristin Douglas, on the following pages along with some of the thirst-laden comments.

Photo: Instagram

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