50 Cent has been sending mixed messages about his bankruptcy and a judge wants it to stop The 40-year-old millionaire was called into court this week and discouraged from flaunting stacks of cash on Instagram, if he’s supposedly too broke to pay the bills.

According to the New York Post, 50 Cent appeared in a Connecticut court Wednesday (April 6) to face the music over his social media posts.“I am not trying to impede on anyone’s right to exercise free speech,” said Judge Ann Nevins. “But I would appreciate it if we can keep the tone of this case very serious.”

The judge gave him props for showing up in court and therefore making “significant strides toward getting this case moving,” but the photos show otherwise. One in particular, of 50 Cent after court last month with bands of (allegedly fake) money in his waistband. “You have been advised,” Nevins said. “This is not funny.”

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy last year after losing a $7 million sex tape lawsuit. His assets are listed at $16 million, and his bills are reportedly hovering near $30 million.

A look at his Instagram however, doesn’t match up with that of a financially strapped celebrity. He’s posted a bunch of photos of cash casually stacked around him, and the flicks of his growing car collection, furs, and jewelry, probably don’t help.

Earlier in the month the father of two decided to “quit” Instagram, and he stuck to that story in court. Responding to the judge, Fif said he’s done trolling. “Instagram? Nah, that’s not me anymore.”

Photos: Instagram

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