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What a time to be alive. Drake and Future are enjoying a big sales boost of their collaboration “Jumpman” thanks to the iTunes commercial featuring pop star Taylor Swift working out to the jam.

According to Adweek, “Jumpman” enjoyed a 431 percent sales boost on iTunes after the commercial aired on April Fool’s Day. The song, one of the highlights from Drake and Future‘s 2015 mixtape What A Time To Be Alive, can be heard playing as Swift runs on a treadmill to her #gymflow playlist. Seconds later, the singer slips, falls face first and gets rolled into the ground. The ad was released on Instagram just days after it was announced that the service would be rolling out the option to record minute-long videos.

Larry Jackson, Apple Music’s head of content tells Adweek:

“With an artist that’s got 73 million followers on Instagram, that’s bigger than NBC, CBS and Fox and the viewership of prime time combined.”

So far the video has been viewed 37 million times, with  66,960 retweets and 119,000 likes on Twitter. Apple did not disclose exactly how many streams and subscriptions the ad garnered. The commercial is now running on those three networks in addition to ESPN and ABC.