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Rude gal Rihanna recently sat down in an interview to discuss how the collaboration for the song, “Love The Way You Lie”, with Eminem took place.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Rihanna reveals that Eminem actually approached her to collaborate on the project due to her experience with Chris Brown.

“He actually approached me to do the song,” Rihanna said in the interview. “The song was so deep and so meaningful to me that couldn’t turn down the chance to work with him.”

Although Eminem has been known to poke fun at pop singers unfortunate circumstances, Rihanna states that he never made fun of her for the ordeal with Chris Brown. RiRi also states that it was their unique stance on different sides of the issue that helped make the project so powerful.

“I think that because we both have been involved with domestic violence, just on different sides that made the song have that power to grab your attention,” Rihanna continued. “I am so glad that we created the project and I am glad to be able to work with someone as creative as Eminem.”

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