Coming Back Home and The Making Of Ice Cream Man

Master P: I recorded in two places, some in Richmond and the majority of it in New Orleans.What I did was, I took my producer K-Lou from Richmond and hooked him up with KLC and Beats By the Pound, we just created that masterful sound. We had the best of both worlds, the South and West connect, those were the markets that were into Hip-Hop and making music. Music comes from an environment and I put it in the music. I was able to show that hustler environment to the world. It was about getting money. It wasn’t about just being famous or being the best lyricist anymore, it changed the game and showed people you could make money off this. That was the 85/15 distribution deal with Priority. It broke the mold on how young Black entrepreneurs could make real money in the music industry.

Mia X: Myself and KLC was like, lets give him what he needs with the music. We knew once he accepted our offer the album was going to great. We knew what we had to offer, we was ready. We knew it was going to be different for him, stronger than his previous albums. Before, there were a lot of great albums that he put out, that did good in Richmond and Midwest. But they reminded you of different sounds. But Ice Cream Man was definitely New Orleans. He found his niche and it set him up for all of the albums that came afterwards. We knew it was going to be special because we knew what we were giving him.

KLC: When we went up in there, we just went in there like f*ck it. Like it was any other album. We didn’t go in there with any blueprint. We just got in the studio and did what we was feeling at that moment. One thing we never did was second guess our work. That was the start of us getting in the studio and cranking out records so fast, no one ever second guessed anything. No one would ever say “No, I don’t like this record.” They just got in there, recorded and that’s what it was. We didn’t have no plan going in, as far as the songs I did. I wasn’t there when he did the songs with the Bay Area producers. With me, he asked “KL what you got,” I pulled it up and it was that simple. But truthfully, we don’t remember none of that sh*t, only thing I remember is making the intro first. Those moments of putting the album together, I don’t even remember how the sessions went, I just remember being in there.

Craig B: He woudn’t have been able to make a “‘Bout It” or that album if it weren’t for the environment we were in. It was the timing too. The album blew up around the time 2Pac passed. P came in at a certain point in time where he could express himself and used the resources he had and expounded on them, profoundly.

Mo B. Dick: I knew we had a classic. We were in a creative zone. We had the art work already done before the album was done. I was sticking to the idea of “selling ice cream,” street hustling, the struggle and everything that comes with that. Everybody made a great contribution. This album gave birth to Beats by The Pound.

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