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The Birth of Beats By the Pound

Mo B. Dick: We were in living outside of Richmond at the time and it was me, Mr. Serv-On, KLC and Mia X all sharing an apartment. We called ourselves “Three N*ggas and A Broad.” Me and KLC slept in living room, everybody slept by their equipment. We was just cranking the beats out. Me and KLC had met each other four years prior. I had the same manager as KLC when he was in group 39 Posse. We met in Louisiana when I had a show. My group needed DJ and KLC DJed for us. The next time I saw him was when he flew into California to work with P. When we saw that we was working together, I said, “Let’s become a production team. He said “What are going to call ourselves?” I said, “We produce pounds of beats and they pound, lets call ourselves Beats By the Pound.” When we worked on the last part of Ice Cream Man, we moved back to New Orleans. Serv-On was already bringing Craig B’s beats up there. We liked what he was doing so we approached him about being a part of our team and he said “C’mon let’s do it.” He quit his job that day and rolled wit us to the studio.

Craig B:  No{laughs}. I didn’t not quit my job. You can the stop the hustle, but you cant stop working. You can’t depend on a dream, but you can believe in a dream and try to achieve that. No, I was working . At the same time, when I got off work I was on the ASR-10 making beats. This was when beats was going to tapes, not CDs. I was giving my beat tapes to Mr. Serv-ON and he was giving them to P. A few cassettes got to Cali when they was in Richmond. Serve-On and Mia would freestyle on the beats. P would hear the beats and be like “who is that?” They said, “That’s Craig B, he’s in New Orleans.” So after that I got two beats on Ice Cream Man and two beats on Silkk’s The Shocker album. I started hanging out around KLC studio around the Parkway. P asked KLC and Mo B. what they thought of me and they vouched for me. That’s when Beats By The Pound got formed.

Photo: Screen shot


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