Recording “‘Bout It, Bout It II”

Master P: I thought that the first “‘Bout It” was slow. With the second one we added more energy into the record for the clubs and people who wanted to jump around.

Mia X: The original was such a success, P wanted to do a part two. We went in the studio and laid it down. “‘Bout It” is a term that is native to New Orleans. The way people said “let’s do it” or “I’m down with it,” we say “I’m ’bout it.” When P came home in ’94, he got caught up on the lingo after being in Cali so long. He thought “‘Bout It” would be a good catch phrase for a song. When he got ready to do Ice Cream Man, he thought it was a good idea to do a part two. It really didn’t matter to me, as long as KLC came correct with the beat, I didn’t have a problem with doing a part two. I thought it was a cool idea. I’m sure P is happy that he did it. It really helped push the album where it needed to go.

KLC: We did the song in one take, because at that time I didn’t have no track recorder. I had a DAT machine, an ASR-10 and a mic booth in my grandma basement. So when I hit record on the DAT machine, whatever came out, that’s what it was. If you f*cked up, we had to start all over again. There wasn’t no punching in or mutli-track recorder. He pretty much freestyled it. It got hot, he took it back to the Bay and put Mia X on it and that introduced me to the world as a producer, that was my biggest record up to that point. That gave me my identity on No Limit.

My daughter actually did the drums on “‘Bout It.” She was always in my grandmama basement hitting on my beat machine. One night I left the room and I had it on record mode and it was looping over. I had the strings and synths already, but she came in and just slapped the pad on the drum machine. I was sitting upstairs, I came back in the room and heard it and kept it the same. All I did was add an hi-hat. She was 2 years old. I think I’ve only told one other person that. I’ve never really got to talk about my music to anybody.

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