Recording “Mr. Ice Cream Man”

Master P: Growing up as a kid, ice cream was my favorite thing. Some kids loved candy, I liked ice cream and I ran after that truck all the time. Growing up in the Calliope projects at the time, it was the murder capital of the world. But seeing how the ice cream man would always come back, make his money and everyone still liked him, I said I wanted to be that. When I started working on the album, the first thing that came to mind was those bells. Once I got the bells and the concept and the music, I just went into what the Ice Cream Man do. The lifestyle, looking out the window of a young cat looking out at the world. I wanted to show the world that we was down here hustling, that were about our money. That created the “Ice Cream Man.” From the singing hook to the melody, the world fell in love with the song. We put Silkk on there and the world just loved it.

Mia X: I liked when he flipped the World Class Wrecking Cru record for the “Mr. Ice Cream Man” song. I thought it was a cool dedication to street music. I just wanted to see what he was going to do after that. Watching him come into his own was more rewarding than saying “the song I’m on is the joint.” Watching his fanbase grow and sell out arenas and clubs, I expected that to happen because I saw a different look I his eyes. I was there when he was doing 99 Million Ways to Die in California. But coming back home and being with his childhood friends and reflecting, it had an impact on the music and he needed that.

Mo B. Dick: We was vibing at K-Lou’s studio. K-Lou had some good production on the album. He brought the California side out of P. He started the beat, and I added some keyboard riffs on there and got some co-production on it. That’s when me and KLC started our relationship with K-Lou. P told Mia what to sing on there, I was just in there vibing and started singing “Mr Ice Cream maaan.” He said “cuz go put that on there” I dropped it and that’s what that was. That was my first time ever singing on a hook. From there P wanted to showcase me as much as possible.


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