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After having Bernie Sanders as a guest on their show a few weeks ago, it’s only right that The Breakfast Club have his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton on to appeal – or pander depending on your point of view – to the Hip-Hop community and demonstrate why she’d be a better POTUS than Brooklyn Bernie.

Even though she’s had the “honor” of being the “Donkey Of The Day” (something she said she didn’t mind at all), Senator Clinton used the opportunity to clear up her controversial “super-predators” comment she made decades ago, admits that Trump strikes fear in her heart, and take some swipes at Brooklyn Bernie’s political promises.

Do you think that Hillary Clinton is pandering to the Hip-Hop community for votes? The ninth thing we learned about her will certainly make you think so. Sound off in the comments after hitting the flip to see the nine things we learned about Hillary Clinton on The Breakfast Club.

Photo: Power 105

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