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A Brooklyn college bound teen spent four days in a coma after having his head slammed down to the ground by the NYPD.

Rahiym Holmes, a star football player who was set to attend Kingsborough Community College in the fall-suffered a fractured skull and brain damage in the incident.  It is still unclear why Holmes was targeted and later ticketed by police.

He was approached by a police officer while walking home from a barbecue at the Canarsie Pier in Brooklyn.

Holmes and a friend ended up walking 2 miles back home, when witnesses say police began taunting him.  When approached by police, Holmes surrendered and placed both hands up- but that didn’t prevent the officer from body-slamming him to the ground to the point where he was bleeding and vomiting.

Holmes has been in a coma since then.  Due to his physical condition, Holmes is unable to speak about the incident and the reason for the attack.

“He cannot walk without help and may never fully recover”, said his lawyer, Leslie Kelmachter.

Holmes’ mother Channell Barber says that it not only pains her to see her son go through the ordeal, but also in having to explain the incident to her 11 year old son.  The NYPD claims that internal affairs is investigating the incident.

Good luck on the recovery Rahim.