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After spending the last two years in prison for the suspicion of gunning down Queens rapper and former G-Unit affiliate, Mazaradi Fox, Jamal Scott has been set free.

Scott was accused of being the gunman who sprayed Fox’s SUV at a Springfield Gardens intersection on January 3, 2014, murdering the rapper and wounding three others. One of those victims is Rayesha Brockington, who initially stated that the triggerman was wearing a mask before identifying Jamal Scott as the assassin.

Scott became the the man with the motive after detectives learned that Fox and another man had allegedly murdered Scott’s older brother outside of the Jamaica Baisley Park Houses in the summer of 1998.

Now Brockington is doing a 180 on her story and claiming that NYPD detectives coerced her into fingering Scott with the threat that they’d report her to ACS and have her children taken away if she didn’t cooperate. Now she faces even stiffer penalties for her actions.

Reports DNAInfo:

Brockington, 34, was indicted for perjury, which set in motion the decision on Tuesday to drop charges against Scott, who has a lengthy police record, including for weapons possession.

 “I think the Police Commissioner has to be made more aware of what is going on within his department and its everyday activities,” said Scott’s lawyer, Marvyn Kornberg, referring to the alleged coercion in the case.

It was unclear if any officers faced disciplinary action.

Only time will tell whether or not Brockington is telling the truth this time around, but we certainly can’t put anything past an NYPD whose known for shady practices and maneuvering when they aren’t flagrantly breaking the law.

But, will justice ever be served for Mazaradi Fox’s murder?

Photo: Instagram/Dumont Legacy