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As fans continue to dissect Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book mixtape, he revealed that Big Sean was supposed to be on there but was blocked by “they.”

To paraphrase DJ Khaled, “they” don’t want to see Chance The Rapper win.

During his recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session Chance talked with fans about the new mixtape, fatherhood and the inspiration behind some of the songs. However, one detail he shared about the album was one that was not on there at all.

When a fan inquired about a collaboration between Chance and Big Sean ever happening, Chance dropped some good bad news:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 12.42.05 PM

Sbatmcply: Will there be a Big Sean collab Chance

ChanceRaps: There was one on coloring book. but they stopped me. πŸ™


While Chance never identified who “they” was, fans on Reddit went on to assume that it was Big Sean’s record label, Def Jam Records, that kept the collaboration from seeing the light of day. Which, is kind of hard to fathom since 2 Chainz, who is also signed to Def Jam records, appeared on the song “No Problem” where Chance raps, “If one more label try to stop me,Β It’s gon’ be some dreadhead n*ggas in ya lobby.”

Chance also revealed that he and Childish Gambino have a joint project together.

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So far Coloring Book has received mostly positive reviews. Fans are hoping that the Grammys update their nomination policies to include free music. Seeing as how Chance is staunchly against signing to a record label and is pro-free music, many fans are hoping that he can be the first to win a free music Grammy should the award come to exist.

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