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Former NBA player Stephen Jackson took to his IG account to tell his followers how he handled a racist jokester he overheard at the gym. Do you agree with how he handled it?

Stephen Jackson has never been known to leave any situation [or chin] unchecked. One man who shared the gym with him recently found that out for himself.

In a post on his Instagram page the former NBA player talked about confronting a racist after he made a foul joke linking Harambe, the gorilla who got shot earlier this week, to Serena Williams.

So I just got out of my workout. And some older white man was talking about the gorilla that got shot at the zoo, right? And I’m just sitting up working out, I’m not paying no attention. And the older white man says, ‘What? They shot Serena? Oh, Serena got shot?’ and started laughing.”

Jackson says he took a moment to ask himself if he should say something and he told himself yes.

“I straight up told old boy, ‘I heard ya, and it’s wrong.’ He tried to apologize and say it’s just a joke. Ain’t no joke. Serena [Williams] don’t look like a gorilla, and none of us do. With that being said, that sh*t ain’t cool; I had to address it. I’m far from being racist because I love everybody, but I felt like I had to say something…you never know who’s listening. Real sh*t.”

Jackson won an NBA Championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2003 and was a part of the 2007 “We Believe” Golden State Warriors team. But many still choose to remember him as on of the players involved in the “Malice In The Palace” when as a member of the Indiana Pacers he went into the stands and beat up fans after they threw beer and other objects at he and his teammates.

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