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HHW: You just dropped a new project called The Good EP. It’s been getting some good feedback. How do you feel about it though? You think it’s just “good?”

DH: This is the best music I think I’ve ever made in my life. A lot of the music is more organic. My prior tapes I just took some beats home, stared at the wall and wrote to them, came back to the studio and recorded them. But most of these songs were made from conversations I was having in the studio. DJ Burn One is hosting it and produced a track on there. It’s the best music of my life. This new project is a part of a trilogy. The first one is called The GOOD EP. After that there will be BETTER and BEST. We’re hoping BETTER will drop this year too. When we get to BEST we will be in a whole ‘nother state of mind.

HHW: What do you think you music is offering?

DH: Right now I feel like what the city is doing musically is sounding the same, but can’t knock it. Not just Atlanta, but everywhere. Chief Keef is real music to somebody going through the same things he is. But we do need balance though, I feel that’s what I’m offering.

HHW: Your social media freestyles have been spreading a lot this year. You’ve been hopping on instrumentals for the most talked about songs of the day. Why did you decide to go that route?

DH: A friend of mine showed me some Twitter freestyles and my friends we’re telling to start doing it because most of the guys on there were just good at that, but not making songs. I like twitter because one big retweet can make a difference. One day no one may retweet you but if somebody big does, you out of there. When I started doing them, I had no idea they would take off. I had an old page that I used to post to, but I deleted that one and revamped it so that no one would get me on that “old tweets” sh*t to make it look like I’m beefing with an artist or a label because of something I said when I was young.

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