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Video or it never happened. Rocko is backing up his paperwork with video footage as he tries to get $10 million from Future in a breach of contract lawsuit.

Rocko was one of the first, if not the first, people to really believe in Future’s potential by backing him with money and connections. All seemed to be well at the start of their business relationship, but now that Future is one of the most popular names in Hip-Hop, Rocko is claiming that his former partner switched up on him.

According to a lawsuit Rocko filed, Future signed to his A1 Recordings label and agreed to release six albums with the company. However, the lawsuit claims that after they signed on with Epic Records for distribution, Future went back and signed another deal directly with them, cutting Rocko out.

Per TMZ:

Rocko, owner of A1 Recordings, just sued Future … citing a 2011 contract he believes Future breached. He says the deal was for Future to make his first 6 albums with A1. 

Rocko says Epic Records signed on to distribute the albums, but then things got tricky. In the suit, he says Future cut a side deal with Epic, which scored him huge multi-million dollar advances.

Rocko says he was left out in the cold because Future stiffed him to the tune of 25% — the commission he’s owed off those fat Epic advances. In addition, he says he’s owed 20% of Future’s earnings from touring, endorsements, etc …

While Future responded via Twitter, likening Rocko to one of his baby mamas who constantly take him to court, Rocko is hitting back with video of an old interview where Future gives Rocko credit for his career.

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