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It seems like just a week ago that most of the world, save for strippers and Instagram, were Team Ayesha Curry. However, a rogue tweet about the NBA being rigged and the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the NBA championship later, Mrs. Curry is the object of Internet slander. 

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Also, there are ‘Bye Ayesha’ tees, and they’re selling like crazy.

Says TMZ:

An Ohio-based clothing company had a run on “Bye Ayesha” shirts last night — selling more than 1,000 of ’em Sunday night after the Cavs beat up on Steph’s Warriors.

We spoke with Lamp Apparel owner Brandon Lamp who says he came up with the shirt after Ayesha’s Twitter antics following Game 6.

“It came out of nowhere and we whipped them up in 30 minutes,” Lamp said … “Once Cleveland won, it went crazy. The orders have been non-stop.”

Damn, homie hit a sweet lick.

As for Ayesha, her salt is now reaping all types of Twitter savagery. And of course, league MVP Steph Curry is also getting this work.

Peep the slander below and on the flip. The Curry’s may not want to log back on to Twitter until the fall.


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Photo: Twitter

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