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Chuck D came up in a era of Hip-Hop where groups were the biggest show in town. Now, individual artists are the stars and he thinks it’s killing the music.

Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, N.W.A, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Geto Boys, Outkast. Yes its true, rap groups are an important reason why Hip-Hop was able to grow into a global phenomenon. Even some of your favorite solo rappers go their start as a part of a rap group. But nowadays, groups are very hard to find. Outside of Migos, can you name a legit rap group [Watch The Throne and Future/Drake do not count], that has made a lot noise in the last few years? Run The Jewels, Odd Future, A$AP Mob and who else?

The always aware Chuck D has noticed the disappearance of the rap group and the effect that it is having on Hip-Hop music. In an interview with Billboard, the Public Enemy co-founder shared his thoughts about the state of Hip-Hop in comparison to other genres. As usual, he made you think.

Mista Chuck to Billboard:

Gadgets and technologies have led us into very individualistic times. You can be an individual and create chaos like that one shooter did in Orlando…you can be an individual and change the future by doing some dumb, crazy bullsh*t. But making positive change is like going up a mountain that’s made out of grease with a pair of roller skates; it requires like-minded collectives. This is why bands work. This is why when a band is in sync – the bass, the guitar the drums – there’s nothing that can match that. One of the tragedies of hip-hop, I think B-Real could share in, is how the journals and blogs and everyone threw hip-hop down the stairs by praising the individual and knocking aside the importance of the group.

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