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A grand jury concluded that they did not have enough evidence to indict a reckless cop who was caught on video body-slamming a Black teen girl on the ground after a pool party.It’s getting old. Really, it’s been old.

KTXA-TV reports:

A Collin County Grand Jury decided not to indict a former McKinney police officer who was seen on video throwing a teenage girl to the ground at a pool party last summer.

The decision to no bill Eric Casebolt ends the investigation into his handling of the pool party melee.

Casebolt (who’s white) was widely criticized for his treatment of the young, black teenager.

But the Grand Jury determined there wasn’t enough evidence to bring criminal charges against Casebolt.

Are you f*cking serious? A Youtube clip that went viral. Dozens of eye witnesses. And even a fake apology from the McKinney Police Department at least acknowledging the recklessness of Casebolt’s behavior isn’t enough evidence to indict this man on something?

Casebolt was never formerly charged with anything despite his actions. He did however resign from his post after the video of him attacking the young girl went viral and people demanded that he step down.

Adding insult to injury, Casebolt attorney Tom Mills tells the Dallas Morning News, “We’re glad that they system worked in his favor in this case. If that wasn’t foul enough, the McKinney Police Department issued a statement saying:

The McKinney Police Department’s mission is to make the city a safe place to live, work and visit for everyone.  In light of this, we seek to work in partnership with all who live and work in this great city.  The incident at the Craig Ranch Pool in 2015 was turned over to the Texas Rangers for investigation.  The Rangers concluded their investigation and presented it to the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.  On Thursday June 23, the District Attorney’s office presented the findings of the Ranger’s investigation to a Grand Jury.  The Grand Jury’s decision was to “No Bill” any charges against Eric Casebolt in relation to the June 2015 incident.

The McKinney Police Department will be holding a community forum at the Old Settler’s Recreation Center 1201 E. Louisiana Street, McKinney, Texas 75069 on Monday June 27 at 6:30 p.m.  Several community leaders involved with the Police Chief’s Advisory Council will be on hand to speak at the meeting focusing on the theme: Moving Forward, Strengthening Police and Community Relationships.  All McKinney residents are invited to attend this meeting.

And you wonder why “F*ck The Police” is still a popular song.

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