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Azealia Banks is one of the most talented artists ever to emerge in Hip-Hop in recent times, but her controversial public mishaps killed most of her momentum. In the latest bizarre move for the Harlem rapper, Banks took to Facebook live video to explain why she uses products to make her skin lighter.

For over 20 minutes, Banks explains to her fans and viewers why she’s opted to lighten her skin. In a rambling introduction, she attempts to tie in skin bleaching with assimilation into American society. Banks seems to be mostly making it up as she goes along, and it morphs into a tragic mess as she stumbles and stammers over her explanation to bleach.

Banks was adored early on not just for her formidable rapping ability, but also her model-ready looks. She could have easily been a star of any catwalk of her choosing had that been her calling. While some fans support Banks’ cosmetic overhaul, many critics are blasting her for betraying her natural, dark skin.

In many respects, it’s painful to see Banks use her platform to spread a message of skin bleaching as a way to be accepted by white society. For someone so outspoken and beloved, it is a dangerous position for someone of her influence to take. Frankly, Banks foolishly allowed herself to fall into a trap of believing that if you look like the power structure, you become the power structure.

Banks should have been one of the vanguards of Black women in Hip-Hop. Instead, she is nothing more than a lost Black girl who got sold the dream that white is right.

Watch Azealia Banks explain why she’s bleaching her skin in the video clip below. If it made sense to you or not, share your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section.

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