On seeing the “G-Money” role be replaced:

“Me and Chris [Rock], we were just happy to be there. We were concerned about being replaced. Oran “Juice” Jones had came on there and was dealing with it, then all of a sudden Allen replaced him. Chris and I saw that, and we were like, ‘Holy sh*t!’ I’m like, ‘Shit, they probably have Chuck D downstairs trying on a set wig. I better get my sh*t together.’ We were just keeping our heads down, doing our best. Chris was like, ‘Ice, you’re the biggest star in the movie.’ All of us are nobodies at this time. He said, ‘You already have the cars, money and are selling big records. You ain’t gotta be worried.’ But I was, because I was a fish out of water. I kind of was like most famous person at the time when the movie came out.”

On how much he got paid:

“I got paid scale, so for New Jack City I made about $25,000 for the whole movie. The movie made like $67 million, but by now, it’s probably closer to $80 million bucks. That was my first lesson in Hollywood. How could I negotiate? I was never in a film.”

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