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Thanks to a significant delay, and troll’ish video on his website, Frank Ocean has lost a certain amount of goodwill in the run up to the release of his new album. As for Boys Don’t Cry, the album will finally be dropping this Friday, August  5, allegedly. 

According the New York Times, the album will arrive as a Apple Music exclusive.

Reportedly, the album’s release will coincide with the release f a new video along with with the Boys Don’t Cry print book becoming available at Apple stores.

Per the Times’ source, the album will be an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks before becoming available at other streaming outlets.

Ocean’s debut album, channel ORANGE, was release way back in 2012, which is like 40 years in new age Internet time.

The Twitter delegation isn’t exactly rejoicing over this latest news, though. See below and on the following pages.


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