If you’re wondering just how professional athletes go broke, this is how. Free agent NFL player Trent Richardson says that his own family members ran through $1.6 million of his money when he gave them access to his debit cards.

For you non-sports buffs out there, Trent Richardson’s story goes like this.

He balled out when he was a college player at the University of Alabama. Won all kinds of championships and awards. Got drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2013. Signed a big contract, got paid. Balled out his rookie year. Got traded for no reason. Struggled with his new team. Had two bad seasons. Got cut from the team. Got on a new team. Got cut again. Now he is out of the league.

It was at that point that life finally slowed down for Richardson and he had to live a regular life that involved regular life activities like looking at your bank account. It was then that he discovered that more than $1 million was missing and he had no idea how it got spent.

In an interview with ESPN, Richardson says that he allowed family members to use his debit cards and have access to his bank account. Of course, they acted accordingly.

Per the interview:

I finally just looked at my bank statement, and I was just like, ‘Where did this come from? Where did that come from?’ And my guy was sitting there telling me, ‘Man, we was telling you.’ I know he was telling me, but that’s just like telling a kid to stop running in the hall. They’re going to still do it when you turn your back or you leave.

It’s just one of them moments to where I was just blinded by my heart, by loving everybody and thinking that everyone was for me. I know they love me. I know they do care. But at the time, they took advantage of it.

Richardson, who says he rarely watches TV, is barely on the internet and does not drink, saw 11 Netflix accounts, multiple Hulu account and club bottle service bills on his bank statement. He says that he himself can live off spending just $300 every two weeks.

At that point he decided that it was time to cut his family off.

Luckily for him, he and his agent negotiated a great contract his rookie year that got him $20 million guaranteed. So even though he isn’t playing football right now, he can still live.

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