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Let’s have toast to the bold risk takers of this world. Police are looking for a man who they say has been dressing up as a delivery man and stealing cases of beer from several Central Alabama stores.

Sometimes a man just needs a beer. is reporting that Alabama police are looking for a man who has gone through the trouble of getting a beer delivery man outfit, walking into stores and convincing employees that he is there to relieve them of extra cases of beer.

Repeat, store employees are allowing a fake delivery man to come in and do the exact opposite of his job title.

According to reports, he has pulled this trick at least four times.

Yes, the man is stealing, but the people who really deserved to be punished are the ones falling for this okidoke.

Police already have the name, address, height and weight of the suspect. His name is Darrius Williams. He’s sure to do some time once he gets caught, but we salute this man for planning on having what we are assuming will be the most epic cookout ever.

Check out the video below so you can see this master, who is wanted on four counts of property theft, in action.

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