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Drake is a masterful troll, and Meek Mill is seemingly falling victim to all of his chess moves. Sources confirm that the 540 Grand chain rocker made calls for his friends to show up in mass numbers while Drizzy was in town and that he went as far as to urge local clubs not to book any potential Summer Sixteen tour after parties. 

Nevertheless, the 6 God still won the Internet that night thanks to his sh*t talk from the stage.

Reports TMZ:

Sources in both rappers’ camps tell us Meek had Sunday night marked down on his calendar — knowing full well Drake was scheduled to be behind enemy lines … performing in Meek’s hometown. We’re told Meek’s crew put out calls to several nightclubs asking them to turn down Drake if he wanted to throw an after-party.

Meek’s camp also put out calls to several hundred of their homies in town, and asked them to make a show of force at the Wells Fargo Center. Things really got heated when their crews contacted each other directly — Meek’s team warning Drake’s that there better not be any disrespect when they got to Philly.  

We’re told the warning only pissed off Drake … and reignited the beef. This is exactly why he called Meek a “p****” on Saturday night … and then ripped into him even harder in Philly.

If these sources are true, this is another L for Meek, for a few of reasons.

First, it seems like peak pettiness to call around and ask clubs not to book a rival artist essentially out of spite.

Second, it was already bad enough that Philly goons were boldly claiming Dreamchasers while trying to put pressure on Drake. But while Meek could have maintained plausible deniability by saying he didn’t ask them to do that on his behalf, this report refutes such claims.

Third, Drake is no dummy. Ain’t no way in hell he was ever going to party in the same city who’s famed rapper he just took a dump on—despite being adamant his beef is with Meek, not Philly, while doing so.

Meek was just on house arrest and is still on probation, any vindictive person could pull his parole officer’s ear to these shenanigans—or said P.O. can be getting this info off the Internets herself.

And for those that care about the music, Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 4 is finally set to to drop in…September

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