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It takes a special kind of soulless Black person to ride for Donald Trump. Enter Pastor Mark Burns, the colored contact wearing, Trump shoe shiner who Tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton in blackface, and now says he didn’t know it was offensive.

Burns deleted the tweet, but this is the Internets, bruh.


Burns tried to cop pleas about the tweet on MSNBC, and failed by trying to talk about everything else but the offensive picture.

“I am standing behind that picture,” Burns told MSNBC’s Kristen Welker. “We as African-Americans, we need to make Democrats fight for our vote. We need to make them fight for us. We need to make them do what they say they are gonna do, because we are just as valuable as every race in the great state of the United States of America.”

Good look getting more African-American votes for Donald Trump, sir.

He then took to Periscope to offer up an apology (see on the flip).

Let us know if you think Burns should also apologize to his ancestors in the comments.

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