Christopher Rios, known to fans as Big Punisher, may be gone, but his legacy will continue to live on as steps are being made to produce a documentary as well as a soundtrack featuring the Puerto-Rican rapper.

September 15th will see the premier of the second tribute documenting the life of Rios and those close to him with the release of Big Pun: The Legacy. The film will be directed by Vlad Yudin and distrusted through Universal.

The first documentary was released in 2002 by his wife Liza Rios. Titled, Still Not A Player, the film featured commentary from friends and associates that had a relationship with the late rapper. They touched on some of the struggles that he had to endure such as his ever-increasing weight problem. It also documented the bad side that Pun had and how he would be physically abusive to his wife as video footage showed an argument escalating to its boiling point when he pistol whipped her in the head.

The upcoming Big Pun: The Legacy will feature numerous artists such as Young Jeezy, Method Man, DMX, and Xzibit who will all provide interviews and speak on Christopher Rios the man, and Big Punisher the MC.

Exclusive footage will also hit the surface with unreleased performances and rare interview with the late rapper.

A soundtrack titled The Legacy: The Best of Big Pun will accompany the documentary which will have unreleased tracks from the man that was known for “Packing the Mac in the Back of the Ac” although the official track listing has yet to be released to the public. This will be the last time fans will have access to Big Pun material and will close the doors to unreleased music from him.

As such artists as Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Stack Bundles, Big L and many more, Pun’s career was cut very short when he died from a heart attack on February 7, 2000 at age 28.

Pun first gave listeners a sample of his lyrical arsenal when he appeared on “Off the Books” off of a Beatnuts album. He appeared again on Jealous One’s Envy from Fat Joe who he would join forces with when he became a member of the Terror Squad. He finally graced everyone with his debut Capital Punishment in 1998 before his death. Yeeeah Baby was released in 2000 and was followed by his greatest hits, Endangered Species.

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