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YMBape is having a horrible weekend. After catching a most proper fade a few days ago, the infamous Supreme hater and highly unofficial BAPE advocate was arrested in New York City yesterday (Sept. 17). 

Details are sketchy as to why he was arrested, but video footage of him getting pinched reveals the purest of struggle.

It looks like YMBape was minding his business—or maybe looking for the next toy to bully?—when cops stopped him outside of the KITH store in the East Village. Then it looks like he tried to run off.

However, the cops had him gripped up and all that happened was him getting slammed on the hood of a car.

A Reddit thread includes theories for his arrest that vary from him being wanted for spray painting YMBAPE or because a bunch of the kids he violated told the cops about his antics.

Whatever the cause, the L’s are stacking up (like Snapchatting from his jail cell (see on the flip)).

But wait…

Photo: Instagram

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